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What is the Marketplace?


Marketplace is a successful business model around the world and is growing strongly in Brazil.

Companies of all sizes exhibit their products in important e-commerces that are already consolidated in the market, charging a commission on the sales.

Everyone wins with this model!

The companies exhibit its products in the largest online stores in Brazil, reach instant views and increase their potential on sales. The Marketplaces expand and diversify your product portfolio through the offers from retailers to the final costumer, who has a bigger variety on the site of the brand that he/she already know and trust.

You just have to focus on selling and increasing your business!
HUBSales does all the management of your online store and the products on the marketplaces.

Conventional Model
Marketplace Model
How does it work?

Hubsales specializes in integration between companies and Marketplaces focused on services.

We perform all the procedures that involve an integration with the Marketplaces. From intermediating the contract between your company and the Marketplaces, through the help in the definition of the product mix, to improve the description and registration of the products and, as our big differential point,  we track the performance of the products in order to potentialize the sales within each different Marketplace.


If you are thinking of entering your company and its products in the online commerce, we have the solution with a very low initial investment

We provide you with an integration platform in the SaaS model where you can:

Register, import (.xls) or integrate with your ERP the entire product mix defined in the E-HubSales platform

Choose in which MarketPlaces you want to sell your products.

Through a single panel, with access via WEB, all sales orders are made on any marketplace can be viewed and operated centrally

Register or update the prices of the products and the inventory, individually or in general

Easy to use, print the dispatch report with the details of the product, issue the shipping label, issue the NF-e and record the shipping tracking code. Everything will be automatically informed to the MarketPlace

Get all customer service notifications and respond through the E-hubSales platform. Centralized, organized and easy to use

How HubSales can help your business?

HubSales have a service range combined with a system that streamlines your company entrance in the digital world of online sales through the MarketPlace business model.



Organizing the entire documentation for aprovement in the MarketPlaces.



Monitoring all proceedings for accreditation. From registering the documentation to product activation in marketplace.



We assist you in the registration and seting up of the entire product mix defining



We provide a service platform (E-HubSales) that is integrated to all Brazilian MarketPlaces.



We have an entire team focused on the daily monitoring of product and sale exhibition behavior in marketplaces.


We assist in structuring and monitoring the logistics and after-sales. Packaging, Labeling, Issuing the Electronic Invoice, Transportation and Customer Service.



We provide daily information from competitors or similar products in the marketplaces to enable strategic decision making, improving the positioning and sales of our customer's products.



Consulting in the definition of the product mix to be sold in the marketplaces and advice in the making of product Images and descriptions to streamline the approval and activation of products in marketplaces


We use tools and dispose of a team focused on monitoring Price, Shipping Cost, Availability, etc. in all marketplaces, competitors or similar products of our customers.

Why choosing HubSales?

Our team is formed by professionals who have vast experience in digital commerce. Prepared to provide the best service, allied to the best market platform for integration with the new business model MarketPlace and with the aim of providing the best experience in the entry of your company in the digital world.


Low cost in order to start sales in the virtual world

With HubSales, the cost to sell in the online market is practically zero. Pay only for what you sell. If you are to start your own E-commerce, you will need an initial investment of at least 30 thousand Reais to build a good and basic online shop.

Low investment in Digital Media to boost sales

Investing in Digital Media specialized in your own online store and without knowledge became expensive. In most marketplaces the media are paid by them and in others the media is distributed among the clients

High Profitability compared to a Virtual Own Store

The costs involved to maintain your own e-commerce and compete with the big ones of the market diminish the profitability of your business. HubSales helps you play alongside the big players and boost your profitability

Adds increased sales and improves profitability for anyone who already has an online store

If you already have an E-commerce, the marketplace adds value by helping you sell more by diluting the fixed cost and projecting the brand / product.

For the manufacturer, it increases the profit margin because the sale price practiced becomes the retail price

The industry does not need to compete with the retail, can sell with the same price practiced in the wholesale, increasing the price of its product in the market and obtaining a higher profit margin.

Increase the presence / penetration of its products in regions / cities that do not have presence of sale in physical stores

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